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This page is to answer common questions dealing with our site. It also acts as a glossary of terms.

Carrier Type

Most carrier offer the option of open and enclosed transports. An open carrier is a carrier like you've seen on the highways and on the top of our pages. The cars on open carriers are open to weather and other issues like pebbles off the road. While it seems like a lot could go wrong with this type of transport they seldom do. In fact this is the method most car companies use to ship new cars from the plant to the dealers.

Enclosed carrier are just that enclosed. The car is hidden from the weather. This is the preferred transport method of collector cars and convertibles. Your car is safer during shipping but enclosed transport often costs hundreds more then open car shipping.

By default all vehicles are transported on open carrier except for motorcycles that are usually transported enclosed.

Running Condition

Is the vehicle in running condition? This typically means can the vehicle be driven onto the truck during car shipping. If it can be driven onto the truck with no major issues then you should check yes.

However, if the vehicle can not brake, start, roll or if the vehicle has major body damage you should choose no.
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